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Getting Started

Is there a need for LPGA-USGA Girls Golf in your area? Why not start a program of your own?

For more information about starting an LPGA-USGA Girls Golf site program, contact us. Once approved, we will provide you with the support and resources you need to get your Girls Golf program up and running, so you can begin sharing your passion for the game of golf.

Program Administration

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf programs are coordinated by local Site Directors and are supported by the LPGA Foundation in conjunction with the USGA. Girls Golf program directors are provided with resources to assist them with implementing and delivering successful and fun golf education to juniors in their community.

Girls Golf programs can host as few as 5 and as many as 50 or more events each year, and your programming schedule is as flexible as you are.  It’s all up to you and the time you have to commit!

Each Girls Golf Site Director has primary responsibilities, which include:

  • Serving as the leader and main contact for the program; 
  • Organizing, planning, and implementing programming;
  • Securing a golf course or practice facility;
  • Identifying and recruiting participants;
  • Recruiting golf instructors and volunteers;
  • Nominating members for special events and scholarships;
  • Applying for LPGA Foundation Grants to support your program;
  • Reporting to and communicating with LPGA Headquarters.

The LPGA and USGA provide resource materials, funding and other benefits that will help you administer and operate a successul Girls Golf program.  

These include:

  • The opportunity to receive grant funding for your program;
  • A LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Program Operations Manual;
  • Step-by-Step Lesson Plans and Activities;
  • Free Educational Webinars;
  • Girls Golf Membership Kits for junior members;
  • Use of the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf logo;
  • Marketing and Promotional materials and templates;
  • AND, inclusion within a community that shares best practices and advice.


Ready to start your own program? 

Contact us to get started>>

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