Leadership Academy

LPGA Leadership Academy

In 2015, the LPGA Foundation began a new, exciting journey, as we introduced a two-day LPGA Leadership Academy to keep teenage girls engaged in golf and prepare them for leadership opportunities.

The LPGA Leadership Academy uses golf as a vehicle to provide a framework for young women to develop their confidence, communication, and leadership skills.

Group exercises, expert led discussions, journaling and interaction with female executives and mentors help girls discover their unique strengths and leadership style.

We use the game of golf as a platform and learning tool to:

         - teach girls how to become better decision makers
         - overcome and let go of set backs
         - take calculated risks and "Lean In"
         - develop skills to accomplish specific goals
         - play their own game and find their own voice

Forty participants receive a scholarship to participate in this unique event which will be hosted in several markets in 2021.

See Below for Updates Due to COVID-19


Due to the potential effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the youth, coaches and supporters, the LPGA and Academy sponsors have decided to postpone the LPGA Leadership Academy to the summer of 2021. Applications will be made available March 2021.

Information is being sent to 2020 applicants regarding an alternative opportunity to virtually educate and bring girls together this summer.

If you have questions, please contact us at info@lpgafoundation.org.