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Meet the Team - Nancy 2

Nancy Henderson  – Wonder Woman’s Alter Ego
Chief Teaching Officer & LPGA Foundation President

Neither my mother or father played golf growing up, but we lived on a golf course. For my 8th birthday I asked for golf lessons . . . and the rest is history. Thanks to the game of golf, I’ve learned that if you work hard, ANYTHING is possible. One of the most exciting aspects of leading the Girls Golf movement is sharing my love for the game of golf and inspiring little girls to dream BIG!



Laura Diaz  – Speedy Gonzalez
Director of Operations, LPGA Foundation

I was fortunate to have been introduced to golf at an early age by my father. He told me that if I wanted to play with him and his friends I had to keep up, so I quickly evolved into a speedy player. Golf has been a significant part of my life. The game has brought me life-long friends and taught me values such as sportsmanship and perseverance. I’m proud to be part of such a forward-thinking organization and committed to the mission of empowering young girls on their journey to becoming future leaders.




Leia Schwartz  – Princess Leia and resident penguin
Manager of Integrated Content, LPGA

When I was 11 years old, my dad took me to the driving range for the first time. What started out as daddy-daughter bonding turned into "catching the bug" and a lifelong love of the game! I went on to join the First Tee of Miami (which eventually led to me joining Girls Golf when it began!) and captain my high school team. I founded the Club Golf team in college where we could come together, compete, and share our love for golf. My experiences in golf led me to intern with the LPGA while attending Stetson University, which helped me find the job I have now! Being a Girls Golf alumna, I have a passion for growing the game and empowering more girls to achieve their dreams like golf has helped me to do. Golf has taken me all over the world and introduced me to so many incredible people, and I hope to help other girls have these same experiences!



Fernando Carrasquillo King in the North and Protector of Wakanda
Foundation Programs Coordinator

Growing up in Puerto Rico, I was introduced to golf at the age of 12 by my grandfather. Lucky for me, golf is a year round sport down there! So, I knew I wanted to pursue it as a hobby and as a sport. My first lesson was taught by Chi-Chi Rodriguez’s brother, Jesús. I ended up playing throughout grade school, as a member of the Puerto Rico Junior Golf Association, playing in tournaments throughout the entire Island. Although my frequency of play went down once I attended school in the cold winters in Connecticut, the passion never left me. Since golf is a mostly mental game, it taught me patience and persistence are needed values in life. And ultimately lead to where I am today, working for such a wonderful organization with a passionate mission for the discipline of golf.


Brittany Daniel – Shopaholic and Georgia Bulldog
Manager, Foundation Partnerships

I started playing golf at the age of 9 with my dad, godfather and twin sister on Sunday afternoons. It was bonding time for our family…my mom would even walk and keep score. I loved being on the golf course and continued to play growing up, eventually playing for my high school team and then in college. Golf has brought so many great things to my life. I got my first job out of college at LPGA International in Daytona Beach Fl which led me to connecting with my amazing teammates today at LPGA Headquarters. Working for LPGA and the Girls Golf program has been a dream come true for me as I am able to help grow the game I love.


Catherine Brabazon – 
Programs & Membership Specialist

I was introduced to golf by my dad when I was around 10 years old. It started out with an empty can of baked beans placed into the ground in our backyard for me to practice with and evolved into a father-daughter bonding activity at a par 3 nine hole course. My first set of clubs were from a second hand shop with real wood! From there, an early love of golf started to develop, but it wasn't until I was 14 years old when I made the boy's JV golf team (since there was no girls golf team) that there was no turning back from this game. A real passion had formed. Throughout my teen years I worked part time in a golf shop during the summer, played in the MET PGA Junior Golf Tournaments, was a walk-on at my college, and now am living my dream of working for the LPGA! Golf is an invaluable sport and it has taught me so many life lessons. It's my true passion in life and I hope to inspire and empower more girls to pick up this game--it's one of the few sports you can play for life!

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