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Girls Golf Race to Rio

Girls Golf Day Clinics are a national initiative aimed at bringing more girls to the game of golf. Facilities across the country have the chance to host an official Girls Golf Day clinic with the support of LPGA-USGA Girls Golf!

In honor of golf becoming a part of the 2016 Olympics this year's theme is:  

Girls Golf Race to Rio


It is a day of FUN! Girls will be exposed to the game for one day and just try it out. Your event can be as big or as small as you want it to be.You select the DATE, TIME, and FEE that you would like to charge. We will provide you with our lesson plans and fliers to help you spread the word about your event. We will also help you promote your event by listing it on

Hosts also receive FREE Girls Golf gifts and clinic supplies:

  • Race to Rio gold medals to use as gifts for each of your participants
  • Bandanas for team activities
  • Cones for station markers
  • String for putting and chipping games
  • and colorful golf tees

Looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate Labor Day, back-to-school, Halloween, or Thanksgiving for with the juniors at your course? Girls Golf Days are a fantastic add-on and can be hosted year-round!

Hosting a Girls Golf Day clinic is a great way to:

  • Introduce new golfers and their families to your facility
  • Increase participation and excitement for your already established junior golf program
  • Generate new business for your facility and your instruction programs
  • Attract junior golfers and new members
  • Girls Golf Days help GROW THE GAME and introduce more girls to golf. You can join us in our mission and help us Change lives, one swing at a time.

Ready to Get Started?

STEP 1: Decide on a date and location

STEP 2: Register as a Girls Golf Day clinic host             

STEP 3: Get ready for the fun!

You can register below!

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Thanks for your interest in hosting a Girls Golf Experience in your community! Please complete and submit the form below to register as an official Girls Golf Experience host. Once registered, you will receive marketing and support materials and your event dates will be listed on Questions? Contact Larissa Spiess at Thank You!
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